History of the Art of Kenpo Karate
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What is Kenpo Karate?
Kenpo Karate is an art of self-defense that enables us to protect our human rights, which we have been granted by God.
Where did Kenpo Karate originate?
Kenpo Karate originated, and was practiced, in the Far East.  It came into existence in China, in the year 525 A.D. from the priest Daruma(n), Buddha the 28th.  He originally came from India.  He went to China to show and explain to Emperor Wu the religion of Buddhism, arriving in China at the age of 130.
The origin of Karate can be traced as far back as 520 A.D. and the semi-legendary founder Daruma(n) Taishi.  In 525 A.D., China was split into many kingdoms; therefore, civilians were disarmed of any weapons which they had.  Bandits soon organized and were raiding food, clothing, molesting people, burning their homes, and robbing the Holy Temples of the Gods.  The Canton War Hoards ad failed to protect the people from these bandits because they were presently engaged in a war.  Desperately, the people turned to Priest Daruma(n) for help.  He calmed them down and told them that he would ask God's help to overcome this crisis.  He asked the people to be left alone so that he could pray and meditate and ask the Lord cot dome .  After so many weeks, he appeared before the people and said, "The Lord has shown me a vision as to how to overcome this crisis."  War and killing is wrong, but not when protecting yourself against bandits and attackers.  "We have no knives, but we will make our fingers into daggers and make every fist into a club, without spears, every arm must be turned into a spear, and every open hand a sword."  He showed and taught them this new fighting system called "GO SHIN JUTSU KENPO KARATE", meaning the self-defense of the scientific way of the fist; cuff.  From China, the art traveled over to Okinawa where it was known as "TE".  TE consisted of chops, pokes, and rips with the fingers.  Some 350 years ago, Japan overtook the island of Okinawa.  The Japanese did not allow the Okinawans to carry weapons.  The Okinawans, however, allowed to use various gardening tools.  With these tools, the Okinawans developed a martial art known as Okinawa-Te.  While the Japanese were perfecting the sword, the Okinawans were secretly developing what is known today as Karate.  The training involved the use of simple weapons.  These are examples:  a pole-used to parry a sword thrust, as well as keep opponents at a distance.  Today, the art is known as BO-JITSU.  Other tools were the sickle, the sai, and the tonfa.  The basic stances in which the Okinawans trained while using these tools are the stances that we now use in Karate.

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